Terms of Service

Updated May 5, 2019

All services are provided by Rothwell Media Ltd from our offices in the UK, and exclude click costs payable directly to Google.


Our hours of service are 08.00 – 18.00 UK GMT Mon – Fri


    • Public Holidays
    • Vacations as agreed

    Joint Code of Conduct:

    • Google Ads accounts require slow and steady changes
    • We will achieve the best results by working closely together
    • I am spending your money, a responsibility I take very seriously
    • I will always be happy to explain to you what I am doing, and why
    • I aim to do as much as possible for you without needing your time
    • My working practices with Google Ads may be significantly different to yours
    • In exchange, I am trading years of daily Google Ads Management experience for our common goal of mutual profit
    • If at any time I feel your expectations to be in excess of what is deliverable, I reserve the right to terminate our agreement and revert your account to its original settings


    • Google Ads campaign response and conversion rates can vary, and marketplaces change over time, which we cannot predict
    • We are not employed directly by Google, we are an independent Agency, Consultancy and Development company
    • No guarantees, either express or implied, can be made about the results of Google Ads advertising campaigns
    • Case Studies are provided by permission and do not represent earnings possible by other advertisers
    • We cannot be held responsible for financial claims arising from the use of Google Ads campaigns

    Correspondence with us is by:

    • Forms on this site
    • Designated e-mail addresses
    • Online, Internet or telephone are strictly by appointment



    • Management Services are Client Exclusive
    • Based on non-competing products/services and/or geographies
    • If we are advertising your product or service, we cannot do so for another client with the same, unless they are targeting a different location to your campaigns
    • Every client is treated as confidential, and we will sign your standard NDA if required


    • We work only with English language Businesses, Google Ads accounts and websites, although they can be based anywhere in the world


    • We want to partner with our clients for the long term, but without restricting you from exercising other options
    • We are happy to work with you on a Joint Venture or Partnership basis to increase the provision of your own products and services to existing or new clients

    Google Ads Conversion Tracking:

    • Is the essential component which allows you to determine the profitability of your Google Ads spend
    • Is the result of a user’s PC or mobile device being cookied by an ad click, and subsequently reaching a designated page carrying the associated tracking code
    • Cookie duration is 90 days maximum
    • Conversion tracking will fail under the following circumstances
      • The user blocks or clears cookies
      • If the user reaches the conversion tracking code from a different device from where the cookie was placed
      • Where the user completes the transaction in any other way than the online method, e.g a phone call


    • We reserve the right to terminate our services as required, and any refunds are by agreement
    • Your Google Ads account will be restored to its original state on Termination
    • The contents of Google Ads campaigns created and managed by us remain our Intellectual Property for re-use or sale in the event of Termination


    • All consulting, training, membership and support services provided by us are paid for in advance using bank Direct Debit where available
    • Fixed price invoices require settlement, even if campaigns are temporarily paused, to maintain your exclusivity
    • Fixed price invoices entitle you to all consulting, support, feedback, research, campaign builds, management, optimisation etc for 30 days after the monthly fee
    • All commission claims are payable immediately on receipt, and apply in arrears to the previous calendar month or 90 day period
    • Commission claims are applied as by agreement
    • A maximum of two payment reminders will be issued, thereafter, we reserve the right to Terminate


    • We recognise that circumstances change and cancellations are sometimes necessary
    • We prefer that commitments are rescheduled rather than cancelled
    • Where possible we will cancel bookings without charge
    • However, if a third party makes a cancellation charge we will have to pass that on


    • All recorded content remains our property and may be used in our marketing materials
    • All testimonials and feedback may be used in our marketing materials


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